Ways to Watch

We want our customers to experience our exciting live auction shows first hand and there are more options than just TV!
You can watch Gems TV broadcast live on most major UK TV networks or watch from anywhere in the world via our YouTube channel. Anyone can watch all 3 of our channels - Gems TV, Lifestyle and Gem Collector - from anywhere in the world via our website and app.

Online Streaming

You can stream all of our channels - Gems TV, Lifestyle and Gem Collector - from where ever you are in the world via the live auction page on our website which also includes pre-order and just missed items.

Mobile Apps

Did you know that you can watch Gems TV, Lifestyle and Gem Collector with our mobile app? You can bid on live auctions, check out the latest deals and send a message to the studios, all via the convenience of your mobile phone or tablet.

Use the My Jewelry section to view all of your purchases and get even more detail about your gemstone jewelry. My Gemstone Stories lets you record, send and watch video reviews of your jewelry. Your videos may even be shown live on air!

The Gemporia mobile app also includes our ring sizing tool, letting you be completely certain that you are ordering the correct ring size.

If you haven’t tried our mobile app yet, download it now and see why it is such a useful companion to the Gemporia shopping experience. Still not convinced? Watch our video to find out all about the app, which can be downloaded for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

TV Apps

Prefer the TV experience but would like the interaction of the app? With our Apple TV, Android TV and Roku apps you can have both!

Pair your device with your account and you can use your remote control to buy our genuine gemstone jewelry.

Pair a device now

Other Ways to Watch

We stream Gems TV 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via Youtube. As well as streaming live to our international customers, our Youtube channel offers heaps of gemstone content, documentaries and behind the scenes footage and more.