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Turritella Agate Gemstone

One of the most interesting creations of Agate on the planet, Turritella is a gemstone that is easily recognized for the sea creatures/snails that are embedded within it. Technically speaking (which is something I normally try to avoid) the little creatures in the gemstone are not, as first thought, from the marine group of seal life known as Turritellid gatropods, but from the freshwater Pleurocereid gastropod family. Basically they are not actually the type of snail they were first believed to be.

Many gemstones have helped scientists to discover more about the past planet: Zircon has helped scientists learn more about how the earth was actually formed and we all know about the study of prehistoric life in Amber. However, there is very little written of the actual habitat and environment of the Turritellid gatropods, as a result of studying this magical gemstone.

Discovered in the USA in an area where the states of Wyoming, Colorado and Utah all meet, this fossiliferous gem (the name given to a fossil-bearing gem) offers gem collectors the chance to own a piece of ancient America in a truly beautiful form.

In the USA the gem is carried as a protective amulet. It is said that wearing a piece of Turritella Agate can help you gain knowledge of past events in history, it is claimed to be a “record keeper”, which I find really interesting as it is one of the few gemstones that has yet to actually help scientists learn much of the past . It is believed to help get the best from nutrients in food and is believed to have a calming effect on the stomach. Turritella is said to help when suffering from tiredness and fatigue.

In appearance the snail element of the Turritella Agate can appear amber, gold or bluish and the background colour a greyish black to dark brown. The actual fossils are spiral in nature looking a bit like an ice cream cone with a thick cord running around the outside and can often be up 2.5cm in length (1 inch). The gem is durable measuring 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale.

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A stunning Turritella bracelet from Tookalon