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Tigers Eye Gemstone

Tiger’s Eye is believed to be a protective  stone endowing courage and willpower. It is used to promote creativity, focusing of the  mind, and cultivate clear thinking. 

This gemstone displays chatoyancy (a small  ray of light on the surface) and when cut to a cabochon it resembles the eye of a tiger.  The  golden  yellow  colour  of  the  stone  is  produced by the presence of brown iron.

When  the  gem  is  bluish  in  colour  it  is renamed  Hawk’s  Eye  Quartz  and  when  a greenish grey, it is renamed Ox Eye Quartz or sometimes Bull’s Eye Quartz.

This  member  of  the  Quartz  family,  with  its brown and golden stripes, has been fascinating man for thousands of years. Romans would wear Tiger’s Eye as a talisman in battle and it was often set into swords and helmets.

Since antiquity, Tiger’s Eye has been worn as an amulet to bring about good luck and to protect against witchcraft. The gem is said to help put you on the right path of life, as well as helping you understand your own faults.

Crystal Healers believe that the gem can help those who suffer from hypochondria and asthma.

It  is  primarily  mined  in  South Africa,  though  Tiger’s Eye is also found in Western Australia,  Burma, India and California.

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