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Star of the South

This famous Diamond was discovered in 1853  by a young girl who was a slave working at the  Bagagem Diamond Mine in Brazil. At the time  it was a custom that anyone finding a Diamond  of great significance would be granted freedom  and  on  unearthing  a  huge  Diamond  which weighed over 250cts in its rough state, the girl  was apparently not only set free but also given  a pension for life. The owner of the mine had  little idea of its true value and it is reported that  he sold the gem for around £3,000, only for the  new owner to sell it for 10 times more just a few  months later!

Also known as Estreal do Sul, the Star of the South  is  today  a  128.48ct  beautifully  cushion  cut, VS2 clarity Diamond that is light pink in  colour. The Diamond has enjoyed a very eventful  and well documented history over the past 100  years  and  in  2002  Cartier  purchased  it  from  Rustomjee Jamsetjee of Mumbai. Not long after  their purchase, the Diamond became subject to  a legal case as it was claimed to be listed as an  heirloom of the wealthy Gaekwad family.

I find the cut of this gem as impressive as the gem itself. Therefore we have recently had two  of our head Lapidaries develop our “Replica Star of the South Cut”. This wonderful oval cut is a  direct replica of the arrangement and shape of  the facets and we have closely adhered to the  angles of the facets both on the crown and the  pavilion.

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