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Pink Sapphire Gemstone

Always in demand but never in plentiful supply, the popularity of Pink Sapphire is soaring, and has been for some time. Pink Sapphire has recently become incredibly popular and in some instances has demanded a higher price per carat than the much more widely known Ruby.

Pink Sapphires share a colour border with Ruby – some Pink Sapphires are so close to this border that they’re termed ‘Hot Pink’. Those that stay within the boundary of pink can range from a lighter, delicate pastel colour to a more vivacious deep, bright pink. When looking into a Pink Sapphire you’ll be awestruck by the shimmering mass of beautiful hues and tones within. From an intense vivid pink body colour to the more feminine pink flecks of brilliance, each stone will dazzle with the most sumptuous soft glow.

Although the lighter pinks are incredibly beautiful, the price of more vivid pinks, especially if the clarity is good, can be thousands of pounds per carat. While Diamonds have dominated engagement rings for the last fifty years, we believe that over the next decade, Pink Sapphires (as long as supply keeps up with demand – which is a big ask) could become the number one choice.

Pink Sapphires were once even rarer than they are today. Until the late 1990s, deposits had only been found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma) and just a few other locations around the world, and none of them were producing much in the way of any quantity, leaving the gem out of reach to all but the most wealthy and knowledgeable collectors. Thankfully as the 1990s drew to a close, deposits were found in Madagascar that were not only of a high quality, but were also coming out of the ground in enough of a quantity that jewellers around the world could begin to showcase pieces in their display cases, and thus the gem began to grow rapidly in popularity. Our latest pieces are from this source in Madagascar. (Please check the source on your pieces is ‘Africa’ or ‘Madagascar’ before applying this information.).

And one last thing, Pink Sapphire is associated with the zodiac star signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Taurus. In times gone by Pink Sapphire was believed to offer protection from evil, and increased physical health and power. Many spiritualists believe that Pink Sapphire can take negative emotions and turn them into positive ones such as love, joy and happiness.

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