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Moonstone Gemstone

Moonstones come in a variety of colours,  ranging from colourless to white, grey, brown, yellow,  orange,  green,  or  even  pink.  Clarity ranges from transparent to translucent and the  traditional place of origin is Sri Lanka, where the Moonstones tend to be almost transparent with a bluish flicker.

This  gem  owes  its  name  to  its  mysterious   adularescence  shimmer  that  bears  resemblance  in  colour  to the moon. This silvery to bluish iridescence is  caused by the intergrowth of two different types of  Feldspar  which  have  different  refractive indexes. This always looks different when the stone is moved, and is known in the trade as ‘adularescence’.

Surrounded  by  mystery  and  magic,  this  gemstone has featured in different cultures for  thousands of years.  In India it is regarded as a  magical and holy gemstone and is often used as  a  ‘dream  stone’  bringing  the  wearer  beautiful  visions at night. In Arabian cultures Moonstone  was often worn on female garments as they were viewed as a sign of fertility.

Moonstone  was  also  extremely  popular  in  Roman  times,  as  they  thought  the  gemstone  was  formed  out  of  moonlight.  Romans  were  setting the gemstone in their jewellery as early  as 100AD, and in more recent times the gem was  popular in the Art Nouveau period. 

Many gemstone collectors find the most pleasing  Moonstones have a blue sheen and a colourless  body.  Due  to  there  being  more  demand  than  supply, today good quality blue Moonstones are  becoming more and more of a rarity and have  therefore risen sharply in price.

The gem is usually set in rings, pendants and  earrings,  with  lesser-graded  Moonstone  used  in beaded necklaces. Its healing ability is said  to  align  your  vertebrae,  be  a  good  digestive  aid  and  also  soothes  and  balances  emotions.  Moonstone’s mystical powers are said to protect  women and babies. It’s also associated with the  oceans  and  planting  cycles.  The  gemstone  is  said to balance yin and yang as well as bringing  good  fortune  to  the  wearer.  Legend  says  that  Moonstone is a highly prized gift for lovers as it  arouses tender passion.

Along with Alexandrite and Pearls, Moonstone  is one of the birthstones for June.

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Iridescent Moonstone in a Jacque Christie ring.