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Mookite Gemstone

A beautiful  member  of  the  Jasper family, Mookite  is  truly  breathtaking.  It  has  many  different colours ranging from pale sweetheart pinks to vibrant sunset yellows, often in banded formations across the gemstone. The patterns on Mookite are sometimes described as similar to  contemporary oil paintings, and have a warm,   earthy flood of colours.

The look of Mookite is unique and is only found  in one location in the world: Mooka Creek in  Western Australia. Mookite, or Mookaite Jasper  as it is sometimes referred to, is actually a ferrous  sedimentary rock and is made up of microscopic  creatures that have been fossilised and cemented  into rock by silica. 

Mookite is said to be a motivator and imparts the  desire to try new experiences. It is also said to  boost the immune system and assists in healing  broken hearts.

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A Mookite bracelet by Jessica Lili.