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Blue Gems And Associations

The hottest selling colour of gemstone so far this century.

Reputedly the most popular male colour, blue promotes calmness and tranquillity and is aesthetically perceived as a cool colour. It lowers the heart rate and breathing, and is also believed to suppress appetite.

When a man wears blue he is said to be wise and thoughtful; a lady in blue is said to be polite and vigilant. The colour is associated with Friday and the planet Venus.

When it comes to blue gems there are several to choose from, the most famous being Sapphire. Although today Sapphires have been discovered in many different hues, historically it was believed that the only colour Sapphires could be found in was blue. It is for this reason that when the word Sapphire is used without  a colour prefix, it is always assumed to be blue.

Since its discovery in 1967, Tanzanite has now become possibly the most sought after of all blue gemstones.

If you are looking for a light blue gem with great clarity, then March’s birthstone, Aquamarine, might be your preferred choice. Topaz is another gem that is available in blue and is given different prefixes, dependent on its tone. Sky Blue Topaz is the name given to the lighter of the Topaz shades, Swiss Blue refers to medium tones and dark blue is known as London Blue Topaz.

The ultimate collectable of all blue gemstones has to be Benitoite. This gemstone is incredibly rare and has an appearance similar to Tanzanite, but is so rare that it is approximately a million times rarer than Diamond.

Other blue gems include Iolite and Kyanite; sometimes Zircon, Diamond and Spinel can be found in blue. For many years Garnet was said to come in every colour except blue; however, everything changed recently when there was such a discovery in Madagascar.

Not all blue gems however are transparent: Turquoise, Sodalite, and Amazonite are all attractive opaque blue stones. Probably the most collectable opaque blue gem at the moment is known as Larimar.

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Some of the rarest gemstones are Blue,

like Tanzanite.


Blue is a popular choice in gents jewellery.



Blue Tourmaline gemstone.