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Ametrine Feature Gemstone

The Anhai Mine.


The Anahi Mine is located in Santa Cruz, which is just 20 miles from Bolivia’s border with Brazil.  The Anahi Mine is the only significant source of natural Ametrine on the planet. The mine is owned by Mr Ramiro Rivero and although we have not yet met personally, Ram is a very good friend of my buddy Rob Weldon, who was born in Bolivia and who works at the GIA as their professional photographer.


Rob and I spent a few days together recently on a mining trip in Southern Brazil and during the trip Rob explained to me all about the operation at Anahi…


Ram’s plot of land covers some 6200 acres and is located very near to some of the most beautiful rainforests in the world. Historically the land belonged to the Ayoreo (pronounced “ai-o-reo”) who were nomadic hunter-gatherers. All of the mining is now done underground in a network of tunnels similar to the Cruzerio Mine in Minas Gerais. The mine’s geologists and mining engineers use all of the latest technology in order to extract their valuable treasure and have a well-educated and highly-skilled team of approximately 70 people. As the location is so remote, they recently built a small grass landing strip next to the mine, making it easier for the mine owners to frequently get in and out of the mine. Prior to this they had to travel for eight hours up the Paraguay River by boat, and then make a three hour truck ride through dense jungle forests.


In addition to its world-famous natural Ametrine, the Anahi mine also unearths small amounts of Amethyst, Citrine and Anahite (also known as Lavender Quartz). The mine is operated with great care to the environment and the owners are said to be working towards a carbon neutral status.

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Loose Ametrine gems.



Viewing rough Ametrine.