Mother Nature's Finest: Luxury Pearls

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Pearls are timeless, elegant and undoubtedly special. With each stone as individual as the last, you're guaranteed to have a piece of jewelry that's completely unique to you. We are hugely excited to be bringing you a brand new collection of luxury Pearls, and we're even more excited to tell you that they're coming from the man who knows the most: Charlie Barron.

As a sixth generation Pearl trader, Charlie’s love for Pearls runs ocean-deep. He’s spent the majority of his life so far travelling the world sourcing the most beautiful Pearls, and we are privileged to be able to bring you some of his stunning jewelry pieces through our Luxury Pearls campaign.


Charlie Barron

Since the age of nine, Charlie Barron’s heart has been captured by Pearls. Ever since he spent the day in his uncle’s sorting rooms while on a family holiday in Australia, he knew he was destined to spend his life in the presence of such a stunning stone.

Charlie has spent time in Japan, Tahiti, Thailand, the Netherlands and elsewhere, working with the best in the business to bring the world’s finest Pearls to us in the UK. He’s always had a soft spot for the ocean-bred stone, and believes it to be the most special gem in the world. According to Charlie:

“Pearls are one of the greatest treasures known to man, and we are the luckiest people in the world as we get to handle and see them every day! They are one of the only gems used in jewelry that remain exactly as they are found; we don’t cut Pearls, we don’t polish Pearls and we don’t heat Pearls - they are a gift from Mother Nature.

“They are opaque but can, in top-quality, almost appear to look transparent. Their iridescent orient and lustre are incredibly beautiful, and they are the greatest treasure of the sea!”


Luxury Pearls

Due to his obvious love for the gemstone, it is always guaranteed that Charlie’s Pearls are of the finest quality. Therefore, you can be sure that any Pearls available as part of our Luxury Pearl campaign are absolutely exquisite.

We are extremely excited to bring you the finest South Sea and Tahitian Pearls, which have been set into a range of jewelry pieces for you to cherish. Whether it be earrings, pendants, rings or otherwise, we are sure to have a style to suit you.

Plus, if that wasn’t enough, we understand that there are other gemstones you love just as much - so we thought to ourselves: why not combine them? Due to their stunning natural hue, Pearls can be customised alongside a range of different gemstones, and many of our Pearl products feature the likes of Zambian Emeralds, Australian Blue Sapphires and Malagasy Rubies.


Treasures of the Sea

Top-quality Pearls deserve nothing but top-quality care. Charlie’s tips for looking after Pearls is to clean them with a soft, slightly damp cloth if you need to, but to never use any chemicals. He says to also make sure to never directly or indirectly spray them with perfume or hairspray.

To keep your Pearls looking their best, Charlie’s golden rule is to make sure they’re the last thing you put on in the morning, and the first thing you take off at night. If you do this, you can’t go wrong.

Pearls are like no other gemstone in the world, and are a true natural miracle. Their uniqueness makes them so special to both Charlie and to us at Gemporia, which is why we pride ourselves in bringing you the best Pearl jewelry at the best price.

So, what are you waiting for?

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