Summer 2021 Gemology Magazine Out Now

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The latest 116-page edition of your Gemology magazine, for summer 2021, is out now! Look out for your complimentary copy with the first order you place between May 1st 2021 and July 31st 2021, while stocks last!

We’ve packed this edition with a wide variety of features, from stylish jewelry picks to scientific deep-dives into the creation of gemstones. In addition, there’s a feature on the history of Pearl, we’ve spoken to Amelia Grant about her Eternity Collection, we take a look at some of the rarest gemstones we’ve ever been able to feature, and so much more. Read on for a rundown of what’s inside issue twenty...

Amelia Grant and the Eternity Collection

Amelia Grant and the Eternity Collection

We’ve recently welcomed Amelia Grant back to our screens after time off to bring her beautiful baby boy Jude into the world. We’ve had a chat with Amelia about returning to Gemporia, becoming a mother last year during such a turbulent time, and her jewelry collection Eternity by Amelia, which is about to receive a new range of gorgeous designs.

Forever Young

Forever Young

During the recent lockdown, Gemology’s art director Vanessa Gorman worked with her 9-year-old daughter Willow to select bold, fearless and edgy silver pieces dripping with luxury and individuality, from hoop earrings and layered chunky chain necklaces to bracelets and gigantic rings. There’s a famous phrase that states that ‘less is more’, but there’s an exception to every rule, and sometimes ‘more is more’!

Pearl: Treasure of the Sea

Pearl: Treasure of the Sea

Pearl is one of the oldest, most desired and most elegant of nature’s jewels. Unlike most other gems, Pearl is an organic creation found in the sea, a natural phenomenon that occurs as part of a mollusc shell’s defence mechanism. Coming in all shapes, sizes and colors, Pearl has shown itself to be remarkably versatile when it comes to jewelry design and has a fascinating and rich history built up over thousands and thousands of years.

How Do Gemstones Form?

How Do Gemstones Form

At the start of our jewelry collecting, we’ve often found that we make our selections based on the ‘love at first sight’ principle that draws us to nature’s treasures. The deeper into collecting we get, though, the more we start to research more about where they’re from, how they form and what makes them so unique. So if you find yourself yearning to understand more about these little miracles, this feature is for you.

The Connoisseurs Checklist

The Connoisseurs Checklist

The nature of gemstones and their miraculous creation inevitably means that some are considerably rarer than others. As a result, there have been many stones that we’ve wanted to bring to our jewellery designs that we thought we might never be able to source. Thanks to our gem hunters’ tireless efforts, we have been fortunate to source a few of these connoisseurs’ treasures in our nearly 17-year history, and we feature nine of them in this new edition.

JewelryMaker: Summer Edition

JewelleryMaker: Summer Edition

In our Jewelry Maker section, there’s fantastic news about JM’s 11th Birthday Celebrations and an exciting update about our Gemporia Craft channels, including Sewing Street and Yarn Lane. We’ve also spoken to Monika Soltesz about how she became a guest designer for JewelryMaker and her approach to jewelry creation.

Gemporia Style Guide: Summer Socialising

Summer Socialising

Perhaps it feels like we’ve earned this summer a little more than in previous years. We’re optimistically saying it’s time to show off your jewelry and make summer 2021 an event to remember - the summer of (safe) socialising! We know that each of you are wonderfully creative and unique with your style, so whether you like chunky statement gemstones, subtle dainty pieces, modern chic, or timeless classics, we have you covered.

The BIG Gemology Quiz

The BIG Gemology Quiz

Can you believe it’s been almost two years since our last Big Gemology Quiz? Time flies! Inside the latest issue, we have a giant crossword puzzle to work your way through, followed by more fun games to test your knowledge and maybe even teach you a few things you might not have known. It’s all for fun, and if you get stuck, all the solutions are inside this issue too!

You’ll receive a free copy of the magazine with the first order you place this quarter (May, June and July 2021), but if you’d like additional copies of this issue, click the button below to order more. We hope you enjoy reading our latest edition - the next issue will be along at the start of August.