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Moldavite Gemstone

A gemstone from out of space!

Moldavite is a rare, dark green translucent gem that was formed when a large rock from outer  space  (meteorite)  struck  Earth’s  surface  in  the Moldau  River  valley  (hence  its  name)  in  the Czech  Republic  around  fourteen  million  years  ago.

It is believed that this huge meteorite did not burn  up in space and its hot mass hit the Earth at a speed in excess of 13 miles a second – that’s over 45,000 mph!!

First discovered in 1786, this gem has yet to be found  in  any  other  location  in  the  world.  Part  of the mystique and appeal of this gemstone is that  some  of  its  components  cannot  be  found anywhere else in the world.

Tests carried out by NASA have found that the  pressure of some small bubbles within the gem is  the equivalent to the pressure at approximately 13  to 15 miles above the surface of the Earth.

In 1963, Queen Elizabeth II was presented with  a Tiara in which the central gem was a natural,  un-faceted Moldavite surrounded by Diamonds  and Pearls; this was presented to her by the Swiss  Government in order to celebrate her 10th year  on the throne.

Crystal  Healers  believe  that  Moldavite,  with  its extra terrestrial properties, brings love to all  who wear it. The gem is also said to bring clarity  and  sharpness,  and  aids  vision  and  telepathic  communication.

The gem is said to work on the heart chakra and  helps a person to express true love, as well as  putting them on the correct path in life.

The gem is also known as Tektite, although this  gem  has  a  slightly  different  composition,  and  can  be  found  in Australia  (where  it  is  known  as Australites), Austria,  Ivory  Coast,  Malaysia (known as Malaysianites), Philippines (known as  Philippinites), Thailand and the USA.

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Moldavite straight from outer space!