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Malachite Gemstone

Malachite   is a gorgeous green gemstone,  named  after  the  Greek  word  “molochites”  for  “mallow”, a savoury green herb. Its light and  dark green bands are very distinctive, making  it  one  of  the  most  easily  recognisable  of  all  gemstones.

Malachite  was  crushed  and  used  as  a  green  pigment  in  the  Bronze  Age  and  its  use  in  jewellery can be traced back as early as 4000BC  when it was worn by Egyptians. In the Middle  Ages Malachite was worn to protect from black  magic and sorcery. It is said that Malachite can be worn to detect impending danger and it is believed to lend extra energy and bring harmony  into one’s life.

The Russian Tsar was fascinated by the mineral and  in  1818  deployed  miners  to  the  Ural Mountains in order to extract enough material so  as to create the beautiful gemstone pillars of St.   Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The gem is relatively soft, measuring only 3.5 to 4 on the Mohs scale and is therefore often cabochon cut and secured into jewellery using  a bezel setting.

Malachite is found in several locations around the world including Australia, Mexico, Namibia  and the Ural Mountains of Russia.

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A beautifully, naturally banded Malachite Annabella ring